Deactivate item from Fashion Go to Faire


This script will automate your item being deactivated from the Fashion Domino to the Faire website.

The item can be deactivated by size or color level as well. Also, item eta date can be updated.


How to Run:

1. Please login to your Faire brand admin site.

2. Please login to your Fashion Go admin site.

3. Please select active item(s) to upload from Fashion Go admin website

4. Start the script

    Option 1. Please double click the script name "Item_Deactivate_from_FG" under "FG_to_Faire" folder in your Java Robot client.

    Option 2. Please right click on the script name and click the "Play" menu.

** Please do not touch you keyboard or mouse while JaBot script is running **


Please click your Java Robot "Logs" tab and check if there is no error message.