Item upload from CSV to Orange Shine

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This script will automate your item uploading from the CSV file to the Orange Shine website including images.

If the item already exists on Orange Shine, only the new colors will be added to the existing item.


Pre Requsite:

  • Color, Size Pack, and Category should be set on Orange Shine before you uploading the file.


CSV File:

  • Please download our predefined CSV file template


  • If you open the CSV file, you will see as shown below.

CSV file for Fashion Domino

(*) Please do not change the order of columns

Mandatory fields: ItemNo, Name, Color, Size, Pack, OrgPrice, Category, Description

Optional fields: All fields excepts Mandatory fields


Color : If you have multiple colors, please separate colors by a comma.

Size: Size Code should be separated by a comma.

Pack: Please follow the same rule as Size.

Image: Please keep the following naming rule:

Color Name : File Name


(*) Please set your local image folder name in your JaBot client. (ex. C:\Users\Public\Pictures\)

Image folder setting

  • If your CSV file is ready, please import the file to your JaBot client 

Import CSV File

How to Run:

1. Please login to your Orange Shine admin site.

Option 1. Please double click the script name "Item_Upload_from_CSV" under "Orange_Shine" folder in your JaBot client.

Option 2. Please right click on the script name and click the "Play" menu.


Complete Item Uploading:

Please click your JaBot "Logs" tab and check if there is no error message.

By default, the uploaded items will be in a disabled state, so please review your items and enable them in the Orange Shine admin site.