Item upload from Picture to Fashion Domino


Using AI, this script will automate your item uploading from the local images to the Fashion Domino website including images.


Pre Requsite:

You need a Fashion Domino API key.

  • Please download our configuration CSV file and put your FD API key and upload the file to the JaBot client CSV section.


  • Also, the followng configurations should be added to the configuration.csv file.


  • Create a csv file, item.csv, to hold the style no and price.

ex) SD1035,20  ----> Style No is SD1035 and Price is $20

  • Please keep the image file naming rule as followings:


where A means one  of the item color, 1 means the sequence number of that color item.

FILE TYPE can be jpg, jpeg, or png.

Suppose that you have red and black colors of SD1035 item, the image file names would be

SD1035-A-1.jpg, SD1035-A-2.jpg, SD1035-A-3.jpg,............

SD1035-B-1.jpg, SD1035-B-2.jpg, SD1035-B-3.jpg,............

       This script allows up to 6 images per color.


How to Run:

1. Please upload your item.csv file into the CSV section on the JaBot.

2. Start the script

    Option 1. Please double click the script name "Item_Upload_to_FD" under "Picture_to_FD" folder in your JaBot client.

    Option 2. Please right click on the script name and click the "Play" menu.


Complete Item Uploading:

Please click your JaBot "Logs" tab and check if there is no error message.

By default, the uploaded items will be in a disabled state, so please review your items and enable them in the FD admin site.