Item upload from Picture to Fashion Domino

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Using AI, this script will automate the uploading of your items, including images, from local storage to the Fashion Domino website.

Pre Requsite:

You need a Fashion Domino API key.

  • Instructions for Configuration and File Preparation:

    1. Configuration CSV Setup:

      • Download our configuration CSV file, insert your FD API key, and upload the file to the StorLinker extension CSV section.
    2. Required Configurations in configuration.csv:

      • FD_API_KEY
      • FG_LAS
    3. Item CSV Creation:

      • Create a CSV file named item.csv to record the item number, price, and colors.
        • Example: SD1035,20,BLACK|WHITE indicates Style No SD1035, Price $20, and Colors black and white.
        • Use '|' to separate colors.
    4. Image File Naming Convention:

      • Follow the IMAGE_FILE_FORMAT rule for naming image files. Possible formats include:
        • ITEM-COLOR-SEQ.jpg
        • ITEM_COLOR_SEQ.jpg
        • ITEM-COLOR-(SEQ).jpg
      • Reserved placeholders: ITEM for the item number, COLOR for the item color, and SEQ for the sequence number.

        Examples Based on ITEM-COLOR-SEQ.jpg Naming Rule:

        • If you have SD1035 item in red and black, your image files should be named as follows:
          • Red: SD1035-RED-1.jpg, SD1035-RED-2.jpg, SD1035-RED-3.jpg, ...
          • Black: SD1035-BLACK-1.jpg, SD1035-BLACK-2.jpg, SD1035-BLACK-3.jpg, ...

    This script supports up to 6 images per color.

How to Run:

1.Please upload your item.csv file to the CSV section on the StorLinker extension.

2. Please log in to the Fashion Domino admin site.

3. Please log in to your ChatGPT site. If you don't have an account, create one for free

4. Start the script

    Option 1.Double-click on the script named "Item_Upload_to_FD" located in the "Picture_to_FD" folder within your StorLinker extension.

    Option 2. Right-click on the script name and select the "Play" option from the menu.


Complete Item Uploading:

Please click on the "Logs" tab in your StorLinker extension and verify that there are no error messages.

By default, uploaded items will be in a disabled state. Therefore, please review your items and enable them on the Fashion Domino admin site.