Item upload from Fashion Go to Hubventory

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This script will automate the uploading of your items from Fashion Go to the Hubventory website, including images.

Pre Requsite:

1. Please set up your configuration CSV file for mapping the category, fit, etc.





2. Please log in to the Fashion Go admin website

3. Please open a new Chrome browser tab and log in to the Hubventory admin website

4. If you want to use OpenAI, please open a new Chrome browser tab and log in to 


How to Run:

1. Please choose active item(s) from the Fashion Go admin website for uploading

2. Start the script

    Option 1. Please double click the script name "Item_Upload_from_FG_to_Hub" under "FG_to_Faire" folder in your Java Robot client.

    Option 2. Please right click on the script name and click the "Play" menu.


Complete Item Uploading:

Please click your Java Robot "Logs" tab and check if there is no error message.

By default, the uploaded items will be in a draft state, so please review your items and publish them in the Hubventory admin website.