Item upload from Fashion Go Vendor Admin to Fashion Domino

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This script will automate the uploading of your items from Fashion Go Vendor Admin to the Fashion Domino website, including images.

Pre Requsite:

You need a Fashion Domino API key.

  • Please download our configuration CSV file, enter your FD API key into it, and then upload the file to the StorLinker extension CSV section.



How to Run:

1. Please login to your FG Vendor Admin site.

2. Check the items you wish to upload from the Items list screen.

3. Open the Storlinker extension and double-click "Item_Upload_from_FG_to_FD" in the Fashion_Go folder.


Complete Item Uploading:

Click on the "Logs" tab in your Storlinker extension and ensure there are no error messages.

By default, the uploaded items will be in a disabled state, so please review your items and enable them in the FD admin site.