Item upload from Shopify to Fashion Go

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This script will automate the downloading of your items from Shopify, including images.

Pre Requsite:

  • Please create a file named 'shopify_category.csv', which contains a mapping table of your Shopify categories to the FG (Fashion Go) vendor categories.
  • Please configure your Fashion Go size and pack settings before running the script.
  • Additionally, you can set the following default values in configuration.csv file.



How to Run:

1. Please login to your Shopify admin site.

2. Open a new tab and login to your Fashion Go admin site.

3. Check the products you wish to upload from the Shopify Products list screen.

4. Open the Storlinker extension and double-click "Item_Upload_to_FG" in the Shopify folder.


Complete Item Uploading:

Click on the "Logs" tab in your Storlinker extension and ensure there are no error messages.

By default, the uploaded items will be in a disabled state, so please review your items and enable them in the FG admin site.